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Looking for ways to support Sharda Yoga Center? We offer numerous ways to do so! 


Be a part of something bigger than yourself


Feel good knowing your contribution goes 100% to the kids!


Check Back for our Online Volunteer Inquiry!


100% of Donations are tax deductible and go directly to providing education for children in need. Although we are primarily volunteer run, Sharda does hire professional educators to ensure the children are receiving high quality training. Funds also go to maintaining our center, art supplies, cleaning supplies, gas money for the orphanages to bring the children in, and snacks for when the kids are with us. It also goes to building our Rooftop Fence so we can do yoga with the children in the ocean breeze. 

Both One-time Donations and Ongoing Contributions are gratefully accepted. If you want to support Sharda, but don't have much extra to give, consider donating a small amount each month. We have friends that donate $5, $10 and $15/month and it truly helps more than you know! Both One-time Donations and Ongoing Contributions are processed via PayPal. 

To donate, click the button below. For monthly donations, check the box "Make this a Monthly Donation."

Corporate Sponsorships

Corporate Sponsorships are a great way to connect companies with their communities. Modern Consumers are looking for companies that will give back. With a fierce competition in the marketplace in just about every category of business, it's important to stand out to your customers. Of course having great products and customer services are essential. But the best way to capture your customers is to make a difference. 

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