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"Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart."

Elizabeth Andrew


Welcome to Sharda Yoga Center

Welcome to Sharda Yoga Center! We are a 501(c)3 Non-Profit in both the United States and Mexico! Our founders, Nora Munoz and Kaya Patidar started the project after pairing their passions for yoga, art and children. They noticed a profoundly positive difference in the well-being of the children they worked with. 

"Yoga makes a huge impact on the children. Almost right away, they seem more focused, calm and self-aware. It is really quite incredible how much it helps them."

-Nora Munoz, Co-Founder

"I’m passionate about provide creative and recreational outlets; including yoga, volleyball, soccer, basketball, and art therapy to underprivileged children. My grandmother, Sharda is the name and inspiration behind this center. She always encourages me to give back to those less fortunate and I’m excited to share my passions with these children, who are so deserving" 

   -Kaya Patidar, Co-Founder



It takes a village to accomplish what Sharda is accomplishing! The founders and volunteers have made such an everlasting impact on the children we serve! 


Nina Ruud

Kaya Patidar

Nora Munoz

Sharda Yoga Center, Cultivating Children's Futures believes that yoga and art should be available to all children, regardless of their socio-economic status. We are dedicated to providing a clean, safe and welcoming space for children to develop their yoga practice, creativity, and future.

We operate a beautiful yoga center located in Playas de Tijuanas, Mexico. We also network with organizations to provide onsite wellness training for kids and families in need. In Mexico, we work directly with orphanages and migrant shelters. The children we serve come from a wide background of unfortunate circumstances, ranging from neglect to trauma. These experiences can be incredibly damaging to their ability to focus and learn new skills. 

That's why we embrace heart-centered compassion, patience, and consistency for these kids. We coordinate volunteers in both the US and Mexico to travel to the center and host the children. Our activities together range from yoga and stretching, to dance, painting, martial arts and other crafts and activities.

Although we are primarily volunteer base, we do hire accredited instructors to provide the children we serve with a quality education. We are 100% funded by private & corporate donations. 

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